Handheld UV Lights UVC Sterilizer Travel Personal


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Product specifications

LED lamp beads: UVC265NM—280NM.UVA395-405NM

Number of lamp beads: 3 UVC+UVA lamp beads

Input voltage: 5V 1A

Rated power: 2W

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Capacity: 400mah

Packing parameters:

Product weight: 36g

Weight with packaging: 115g

Packing size: 150*78*23mm

Packing list: charging cable*1, disinfection stick*1, instruction manual*1


Two sterilization modes, during the sterilization process, the display counts down, and with the beep sound, the timing is completed and the sterilization is over

Intimate small lanyard design, wrapped around the wrist to prevent the disinfection stick from accidentally falling

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes, and the smart child lock design protects children from accidents

LED flashlight, emergency lighting, small ideas, more convenient

Light and easy to carry, disinfect at any time

There are report certificates:  , FCC, ROHS

Package Included:

Charging cable*1, disinfection stick*1, manual*1

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