Travel Iron Fordable Mini Iron for Necklace Direct Delivery


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Material: PVC

Custom: No

Shape: Rectangle

Model Number: Portable Travel Iron

Lightweight, weighing only 0.81 pounds, it has a flat design that folds the size of a palm. By spreading the sides of the iron, you can use it to iron a wide range of clothes like a traditional iron. small areas such as necklaces, pockets or pant legs, simply snap the sides of the iron.

There are 6 adjustable temperature models, which can be used according to different fabrics (polyester, silk, wool, cotton, Denim and linen).

Can be used to select fabric types with a thermal level (f / c)

Polyester polyester fabric 230F (110C)

255F silk fabric (124C)

The wool is 275 f (135 c)

Cotton fabric (T-shirt) 330F (165C)

Cowboy 350F (176C)

Linen linen 350F (176C)

A double ironing position: perfect for a quick touch or ironing when you need more surface.

No need for water.

Cols de chemise

Jupe Ourlets

Pantalon Plis sur le Devant

Poches de chemise

Repassage classique


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