Travel Portable Sterilizer Mites Lights


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❤The UV disinfection light is compact and lightweight, convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space.

❤The UV disinfection light is designed with one button to control the power conveniently.

❤The UV disinfection light is powered by two AAA batteries (not included), no power cable limitation.

❤The UV disinfection light can make full use of the UV light to kill bacterial, mites and so on. Don’t put this light to your pet for longer than 2 minutes.

❤The UV disinfection light is widely suitable for home, office, business trip, travel, easy to carry and use.



Type: portable UV disinfection light

Quantity: 1pc

Material: plastic + electric component

Color: white

Battery: 2* 1.5 AAA batteries (not included)

Voltage: 3v

Size: 17.5*3.3cm/ 6.88*1.3inch (L*D)


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1* UV disinfection light

1* package box 

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